About Our Investment

In Venture Capital practice, we are pioneer with insight of the future so that we are aware of the unmet needs and the latest technology development roadmap.

In Private Equity practice, we focus on generating positive ROE for shareholders with corporate governance discipline to benefit stakeholders including the management team.

In Family Office practice, we are familiar with eastern culture and western family business succession knowledge and therefore are able to help family come up with a feasible solution.

Venture Capital
What’s really interesting to us is there is unmet need with strong pain. However, It is rare to find someone who can clearly and concisely identify the problem, and formulate a coherent approach to solve it.​
Your best teacher, your best mentor, was probably not the one you necessarily liked the best at the time. But they were the ones who pushed you the furthest to help you accomplish your best. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs seek the right direction and grow fast while we have no answer as well.

Investment Prerequisite

Corporate Governance​

Investment Criteria

Preferred Stock Investment ONLY​
Premoney less than US$5M ONLY
First Institutional Investor
NO Pharma, NO Cryptocurrency

Investment Style

Specialized in Finance & Growth strategy
Active role in the board
Follow-on investment while milestone
Private Equity
We take significant ownership stakes in our investments coupled with a disciplined and hands-on management of those investments.
Our investment philosophy is to assist portfolio companies to build better businesses and achieve long-term success.
We manage our private equity investments to increase business by including the following best practices in a partnership with management and key stakeholders

Strategic Planning
& Execution

Join the board of directors
Identify and realize performance
improvements in areas such as sales
growth, profit margin M&A/CAPEX
expansion, and asset/capital efficiency.
Implement corporate governance

Financial Planning
& Execution

Rigorous analysis of financial results and
operating budgets
Establish strong accounting systems and
cash flow measurements for management
decisions and for annual audit
Manage debt/equity to the optimal level


Recruit managers critical to the execution
map and complementary to the current
Invest in new CAPEX and improve/divest
under-performing assets
Research and execute M&A deals to
complement organic growth
Family Office
We help family business have smooth succession and have feasible long-term growth plan by managing the family assets including the majority equity of the family business as the family office gate keeper.
In most cases, the conflict among family members is the key issue. We have strong systematic knowledge to lead the communication process and we invest into the family business sometimes to ensure the alignment of the shareholders’ interest. Confidentiality, integrity and finance acumen are our key success factors.
Confidentiality, integrity and finance acumen are our key success factors.

Investment Criteria

Successor is identified
Acquiring significant minority or majority shares
Net income > US$1M or net equity value > US$20M
Eager for Finance & Strategy expert


Family Asset Management​
Business/ Investment Assessment
Family Governance
Succession Planning

Services with Partners

Estate Planning/ Tax
Planning​Family meetings/ Retreats
Family Constitution​
Conflict Resolution